Diablo Immortal Season 1 Rewards: How to Unlock the Season Pass

All Season 1 rewards and how to complete the Ashwold Cemetery quest.

Looking for Diablo Immortal tips? With the game’s open beta out for both smartphones and PC, there is quite a bit to catch up with, including all classes, the places you’ll explore, and everything new in this spin-off from the mainline entries. This guide has multiple tips for Diablo Immortal, covering everything from exploration, social options, free rewards, and more.

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Diablo Immortal Season Pass – How to Complete the Main Quest in Ashwold Cemetery

Once you’re done with the tutorial of Diablo Immortal, the main quest is going to take you towards the first main area in the game. Following this questline to the Ashwold Cemetery not only continues the story but is also mandatory to access the Season Pass. While the icon is going to appear above “Events” in the pause menu as soon as the tutorial ends, you’re going to see a message saying “complete the main guest in Ashwold Cemetery to unlock this feature” if you try to access it.

The quests you have to complete to unlock the season pass in Diablo Immortal are the following:

  • The Risen Dead
  • The Exiled Apprentice
  • Consulting the Guards
  • The Handmaiden
  • The Tomb of the Queen (Inspect the Queen’s Burial Vault, Kill the Skeletal Mage, Leave Queen Asylla’s Tomb)
  • Into Ashwold Manor
  • Masters of Death: Midway through this quest, and right before you enter the Mad King’s Breach, you’ll gain access to the battle pass

That is all! It’s quite a lengthy ordeal but just stick to the main path until it’s done. If you don’t know how to head to the Crypt of the Honored Dead, make sure to select the quest in the quest log so you know the exact location, or you may end up doing an unnecessary dungeon ahead of time (which happened to me). There’s a screenshot of the location below in case it’s helpful:

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass

Now, let’s see what the Diablo Immortal Season 1 battle pass has in store.

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Diablo Immortal Season 1 Rewards – Battle Pass Rewards and Ghosts of Ashwold Armor Set

The Season 1 battle pass has a total of 40 tiers. Completing activities and seasonal quests grants you Battle Points, which are basically XP. You can repeat activities to gain additional points, but there is a maximum cap every week, which resets every Monday. Seasonal quests, on the other hand, are granted every few days and have no cap. They have until the end of the season to complete them. As of today, the Diablo Immortal Season 1 ends in 34 days, which is on July 7.

As per usual, there are both free and premium (paid) tiers. Below are all the rewards for each, as well as the Ghosts of Ashwold Armor Set, which is the main set of this season.

  • Ghosts of Ashwold Armor (Premium Battle Pass Rank 40)

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 11

  • Ghosts of Ashwold Weapon (Premium Battle Pass Rank 40)

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 12

  • Ranks 1 – 4

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 2

  • Ranks 5 – 7

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 3

  • Ranks 9 – 11

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 4

  • Ranks 15 – 16

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 5

  • Ranks 20 – 21

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 6

  • Ranks 25 – 26

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 7

  • Ranks 30 – 31

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 8

  • Ranks 35 – 36

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 9

  • Rank 40

Diablo Immortal Season 1 Season Pass 10

Best of luck with Season 1 of Diablo Immortal!

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