Diablo Immortal Tips Guide: 9 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Everything you should know about combat, chat filters, and more in Diablo Immortal.

Looking for Diablo Immortal tips? With the game’s open beta out for both smartphones and PC, there is quite a bit to catch up with, including all classes, the places you’ll explore, and everything new in this spin-off from the mainline entries. This guide has multiple tips for Diablo Immortal, covering everything from exploration, social options, free rewards, and more.

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Diablo Immortal Tips 1

Diablo Immortal Tips

1. Playing on Mobile? You Have to Download Audio Separately

If you’re wondering if something’s wrong with your phone, don’t fret. When you first boot up Diablo Immortal on mobile, you’re not going to have any sound. For this, tap the Download manager on the top right corner and swipe to the right until you see the Audio Resources package. There are two of them, making for 385 mb in total.

That being said, if you still have troubles with audio, we have a workaround that may be of help.

2. Stuck? Head Over to the Settings Menu

If you ever happen to be stuck in place, either due to a bug or because you ventured to a corner in the map that you weren’t supposed to, open the pause menu, head over to settings, and use the “unstuck” button on the bottom right corner.

3. You Can Auto Pick Up Items

In the Settings menu, head over to General and scroll down until you find the Auto Pick up option. Here, you can toggle between normal, magic, or rare items on and off for your preference.

4. It’s Possible to Salvage Several Items at Once

Just tap ’em or choose to Salvage all normal, magic, or rare items at the bottom. On PC, you can use CTRL + Left Click on all the items you want to select. This is going to save a ton of time to get those crafting materials.

Diablo Immortal Tips 2

5. You Can’t Hide the Chat in Diablo Immortal, But Channels Can be Filtered

Getting a constant stream of messages can be annoying, but you can’t fully stop it from happening. In the chat, use the settings icon on the top right. You can then select among a number of channels and toggle them on and off. The channel you’re constantly seeing is Adventurer, so you can toggle that one off and then select between the rest depending on what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can also access this option by going to Pause -> Settings -> Chat.

6. Navigating Lets You Get to Quests Automatically

Just select the quest on the chat log on the left side of the screen, and it’s going to start navigating. Enemies won’t get to hurt you in this state, and you can interrupt it at any time by clicking or moving.

7. Microtransactions Are Messy, But There Are Free Daily Rewards

If you’re not interested in spending money on Diablo Immortal, it’s likely you’re ignoring the store altogether. That being said, make sure to at least pay a quick visit to it once a day to claim your free daily rewards.

You have the chance to obtain gold, salvaged material, Enchanted Dust, and Glowing Shard. The latter two are used to upgrade equipment, so they’re definitely gonna come in handy. Also, you can get a free random reward per day just by logging in and defeating at least one monster — you can then claim the items via the notification bell on the left side next to the quests log.

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8. Don’t Exit Lairs and Dungeons Before Defeating the Boss

For some reason, I encountered a Hidden Lair that had an exit portal right before the final boss. This can come in useful later of course, but don’t forget to actually fight the boss so you can complete the instance and cash in on rewards and experience.

9. Keep an Eye on Shield Icons and Multiple Health Bars

There are two important visual cues around enemies. The first is the small shield icons — if you hit an enemy in Diablo Immortal and you get a “blocked” message on screen, it usually means you first need to break X amount of defense barriers. The barriers are represented by these icons. Once broken, you can start dealing damage.

As for bosses that have multiple health bars — signalized by “>” icons to the right of the bar itself — they are going to give you health orbs once a barrier is destroyed. This is good to know in case you’re close to breaking a health bar so you can save up a health potion.

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