Final Fantasy XVI Gets New Trailer, Release Window at State of Play

The RPG is slated to launch in summer 2023.

It’s been a hot minute since we saw Final Fantasy XVI, but we saw the upcoming RPG again today at the State of Play presentation.

The nearly three-minute long trailer focuses on the game’s action combat (though there was notably not much in the way of party-based combat the series is often known for), and the political intrigue that fuels its Game of Thrones-esque story. Also showcased were battles between Eikons, or the summoned characters known in other Final Fantasy games like Odin, Shiva, and Ifrit. At the end of the trailer, it was confirmed Final Fantasy XVI is slated to launch on PlayStation 5 and PC in Summer 2023.

Check out the trailer below:

Through the official PlayStation blog we learned the name of Final Fantasy XVI‘s protagonist: Clive Rosfield. Clive appears to be riding solo during combat during this trailer, adding fuel to the speculation that this game will not feature traditional party combat typically seen in Final Fantasy games.

Crucial to the world of Final Fantasy XVI are Dominants, commanders and champions of Eikons that play a foundational role in the world’s (called Valisthea) political landscape. Also in the PlayStation blog, we learned about two Dominants, Hugo Kupka and Benedikta Harman, who are champions for Eikons Titan and Garuda, respectively. You can see glimpses of these characters in the trailer.

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