13 Spy x Family Characters as Reddit R/Relationship Posts

Sometimes talking is good, too.

The Spy x Family animated series has taken the world by storm. By some estimations, the anime based on Tatsuya Endo’s Shonen Jump manga is one of the most popular shows on streaming networks right now and for good reason. The series follows a fictional spy named Twilight as he attempts to get closer to an assassination target who only shows up during special assemblies at a school where his two sons attend and excel. Twilight’s mission, under the pseudonym Loid Forger, is to assemble a family, get a child into the school, and assassinate his target to prevent an all-out world war.

While doing this, however, Loid finds that he’s getting surprisingly attached to his fake family and keeps putting himself and the mission in danger when it comes to their wellbeing. His wife, Yor, has her own secrets — she moonlights as an assassin. Her brother is also a counter-intelligence officer who has sworn a vendetta to take down Twilight, but has no idea who he may be. The only one who really knows what’s going on is the young Anya, a telepath who hears everyone’s thoughts, but she’s way too into the palace intrigue and spy mission to lay out the pieces for everyone.

In Spy x Family, no one talks to each other about their real thoughts or motivations because they all have something to hide, which is in some ways true to life. This made me realize part of the reason why the show is so compelling: it’s basically Reddit’s r/relationships subreddit made into a narrative. That subreddit is for people to ask for advice about issues they have with other people, both serious and decidedly trivial, and get strangers to tell them to just talk to someone about it.

Realizing that, I decided to skim r/relationships and assign different characters and scenes their own headlines straight from the community.

Yor with text "I'm almost 20 and have never had a real relationship..." Yor covered in blood with the text "My sister is out of control, what do I do?" Damian with the text "My friend who is staying with me is being rude to house guests, what do I do?" Yor kicking Loid with the text "How do I tell my friends I don't like drinking anymore without losing them?" The admissions board from the school with text "How do I protect my work relationships from a bad nepotistic hire?" Yuri with the text "I feel bad not inviting my sister to Thanksgiving because I don't want to be around her husband" Loid's informant with the text "How do I confront my friend about his hurtful actions while drunk?" Picture of the clothing boutique lady with the text "My friend just announced she's getting married next week and I have reason to believe she's lying" Anya at school with text "I told the weird kid in school that I don't like him and my friends don't want to hang out with him, is that bullying?" Yor and Loid with text "I just realized I have a crush on my roommate" Yuri with text "My brother admitted to a 'prank' that drastically changed my life seven years ago" Loid and Yor with text "I want to propose to my boyfriend but I just found out he has plans to propose to me" Anya with text "Trying to Reconnect with my Father"

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