Hunter X Hunter Creator Yoshihiro Togashi is Twitter’s Most Followed Manga Artist

Togashi be on that dang phone!

For the past week, Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi has been tweeting out manga panels suggesting that the sensational series is coming back from hiatus soon. In this short timespan, he has become Twitter’s most followed mangaka, rapidly dethroning My Hero Academia‘s Kohei Horikoshi with 2.4 million followers at the time of publication.

On May 24, 2022 a mysterious Twitter account called “冨樫義博 (Yoshihiro Togashi)” made a tweet with the text “4 more chapters for the time being” and added a hazy image of the corner of an in-progress manga panel. The next day, a Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump spokesperson confirmed with Oricon News that this is indeed Togashi’s official account, even if it does look a little sketchy. Right after confirmation, Togashi’s Twitter account exploded with millions of followers in only a couple of days, and each consecutive Hunter x Hunter panel teaser has been gathering hundreds of thousands of likes in less than an hour. Hunter x Hunter fans are ecstatic to see Togashi is doing well, and are no doubt itching to read more about Gon, his pals, and all the twisted happenings of the Dark Continent.

It’s hard to tell the exact specifics of Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter teasers, but the latest photo has a “12” written in sharpie on the corner of a page. Originally, Togashi tweeted he’d be creating 10 new chapters, but it seems he has pushed past that goal and is already whipping up more Hunter x Hunter than expected.

Hunter x Hunter started in Weekly Shonen Jump back in 1998, and has been on and off hiatus over the past years due to health concerns Togashi has been dealing with. The manga’s latest chapter was released in November 2018 before the most recent hiatus. Hunter x Hunter has spurred multiple gaming spinoffs, musicals, and two television series – one in 1999 and one in 2011.